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SabeRex Printed Circuit Board Repair

Equipment and Capabilities


  • 40+ lead and lead-free soldering stations
  • Two lead and lead-free soldering pots
  • ISO certified repair documentation and work instructions

Ball Grid Array Repair

  • Three SRT Model Summit 1100LX BGA Rework Stations

    • Board size to 24" x 36"
    • Auto profile fro rapid process development and reduced variation
    • High resolution vision system for accurate component alignment
    • Fully-automated operations for improved repeatability
    • BGA, uBGA, CSP, QFP, Flip-Chip, CCGA
    • BGA reballing using lead and nonleaded spheres

X-Ray Inspection Services

The PCB group now offers a variety of X-Ray inspection services. Our in-house equipment offers 240x magnification, which supports analysis of very fine mechanical connections including micro-BGA.

  • Nicolet Model NXR-1410HR cabinet style, real-time X-Ray imaging system
  • 90k V end-window 8 micron X-Ray source
  • 240x magnification
  • High resolution digital image capture

Board Baking Service

The PCB group provides an inert gas oven for baking or moisture drying needs. This capability can be used alone and/or in conjunction with repair processes involving BGA repair.


Blue M electronic model 1406 inert gas oven

  • Temperature range from 15 degrees C above ambient to 350 degrees C
  • Interior dimensions 48"x24"x36"
  • 10 segments programmable controller
  • Segments programmable for up to 100 hours each
  • Variable setting OTC (over temperature controller) to prevent product damage

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